Technology in the Classroom

I believe that technology is becoming a more prominent and helpful form teaching in the classroom everyday. I want to be able to use it the most effective way I can in my classroom.

I want to use to Education podcasts to listen to and hopefully learn more and more new teaching techniques everyday.

As far as applying technology to the classrooms I will do my best to create programs and lessons and projects that they can do on the computer. I can find educational games that can help to advance their reflexes and critical thinking skills. Videos and tapes and songs will be involved as well.

Google Documents

I will use Google Documents in the classroom as well. This will eliminate the hassle of my students and their parents buying and carrying around disks and usb storage drives. A Google document is free and no more what computer the students get on they will always be able to access Google documents. With Google documents, my students will be able to write word documents and do presentations among other things.


I plan to use iTunes University in my classroom. This will be useful to me, my students, and parents. I will be able to get great ideas from my peers about assignments. My students will benefit from iTunes by looking at some great podcast videos done by other students. The parents will benefit by visiting iTunes to look at their child's classroom video podcasts and/or listening to the podcasts.

The Way I Teach

I am a fair teacher. I treat all of my students equally. I let my students know on the first day of class that they are all my favorite and I am happy to have each and every one of them in my class. I think that it shows that I value them all the same. I also believe that my diverse perspectives make all of my students feel equal and loved in my classroom. I am always open to new ideas and others views, even my students. My students can see my compassion for them and my job. They can also see my commitment and I think that this shines through in the classroom. I can also tell while speaking with parents that they trust me to teach their child equally.
I always carry my responsibilities as a teacher in the same way I do every day in class, with an open mind, with an open heart, and with responsibility.
My priorities are my top values fairness, diverse perspectives, collaboration, compassion and commitment.
My students expect of me what I give, an open heart and mind and someone who listens to their ideas and thinks that they are important because they are our future.

My Teaching Philosophy

Five Core Values:
• Fairness
• Diverse Perspectives
• Collaboration
• Compassion
• Commitment
Personal Definitions of Values:
• Fairness- I treat every student equally, everyday is a new beginning.
• Diverse Perspectives-I take into account each on my student’s ethnicity and life at home.
• Collaboration- I ask for help and new ideas where needed.
• Compassion- I let my students know that I care about them.
• Commitment- I am committed to my job, students, and co-workers.
Envision of these Values:
• I think that everyone of my students can feel included and see no favoritism in my class because I treat every student the same.
• I think that all of my students can feel free to express themselves in my classroom and have no shame in our historical roots because we are all tied together.
• My collaboration with students and faculty help me to be the best that I can be and it also helps me to keep my class interesting and students involved.
• My compassion for my students and for my job shines through every day and my students have learned to trust me though that.
• My commitment is also seen by everyone around me and I am a respected teacher at my school.